How to link tweets to your content

This tutorial will focus on how you can add active tweets to your textual content.

to proceed follow the steps below:

  1. Open you web browser and navigate to the page where the target tweet lives, in this example we will use as tweet from your official twitter page
  2. Scroll downwards or upwards till you find your favorite tweet.
  3. From the tweet options, Choose the dropdown arrow to reveal more options
  4. Choose embed tweet option
  5. Copy the tweet embed code by selecting it from the text field then right click to copy the code
  6. No you have copied the code to your computer memory.
  7. Close twitter page and Login to your website dashboard
  8. go to content page by clicking on the content icon on the left side of your screen
  9. After page loads, choose which type of content you want to edit (page, content, ... etc) and click the corresponding button to open content list (in this example we will choose a content list from the content page)
  10. choose or search for you desired content and click edit icon
  11. after page loads, scrolle down till you see linxtter content editor (if your loading this page for the first time it might take a couple of extra seconds to load the text editor).
  12. position the content editor on the middle of the screen so you can have a better view at it, or you can click the to enter full screen mode.
  13. Now you can divide the page into responsive columns for multiple screen sizes "Desktop screen, Phone, Tablate, ... etc" (by default you will be viewing the desktop zise arrangment of these columns, the reset will handled automaticaly be linxtter)
  14. Click on one of these icons  to determine if you want to split or divide the content into 2 or 3 columns page
  15. You can undo this step by hitting cmd + z on MAC or control + z on windows
  16. Instantly, linxtter will add column division on the page as per your choice.
  17. no you can replace the dummy text and images with your own.
  18. Save your changes, your done.

At this point, Linxtter will automatically render these columns according to the user device without any further setup on your side.

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