How to change your password

Follow these steps to change your email password:
  1. Login to your linxtter account.
  2. On the top menu, click Services / My Services to load your product and services list
  3. From the services table, click on the services / product name associated to with your email service.
  4. After manage product page loads, scroll down till you can find and click email accounts button.
  5. on this page you will be able to manage all your email accounts including changing password. Choose your desired email account form the table and click edit to change current password.

NOTE : Reason why you might not have email accounts button for chosen service
  1. You are using our FREE website package
  2. You are using a subdomain.
  3. You dont have email services listed on your account

For further informaiton please don hasitate to submit ticket to our technical support team
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