How to install linxtter

Linxtter can be installed in 2 different ways:
  1. Automatic installation : Automatic installation will occur during ordering one of our Linxtter website products, During this process we will collect from you all informaiton needed to automaticaly setup and install linxtter on your hosting account without any interferance from your side, this operation will be handled totaly by our system
  2. Manual installation: You might require to install linxtter manually? if so, follow the steps below:
    1. Login to your linxtter account
    2. Click my services from the top navigation
    3. From My Products & Services list, choose domain name you would like to install linxtter at.
    4. Click on Linxtter Installer button to load linxtter installer application
    5. Choose install now tab, then click Linxtter to open further option.
    6. Now you need to enter the correct information in the form
      1. Admin email : email you will use to login to linxtter dashboard.
      2. Admin password : the password you will use to login into linxtter dashboard.
      3. Location/folder : Choose location of your installation? keep this field empty if you would like to install linxtter on the root of your account (Main website) otherwise write folder name in english to install linxtter as a sub-website
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