Linxtter Customization

How does it work

Linxtter Customization will help you to add new features on top of your current website abilities, For example, you can add flight booking module if you are into this type of business or maybe create hotel reservation module, the good news is that Linxtter can handle all types of module that you can think of. Our experts can review your requirements and develop your customized module according to your instructions and needs.

To start, You need to download our customization brief document then open a new support ticket to our customization department.

Download Customization brief document

  • Login to your account
  • from top navigation bar, click Support / Downloads
  • Choose linxtter customization department documents categories menu
  • Click to download Linxtter Customization Brief PDF file
  • Document should be edited using FREE adobe acrobat reader only otherwise you will never be able to save your data
  • fill up the form and save your data

Submit document back to us

  • Login to your account
  • On your account home page, click on request a quotation button in the request a quotation panel
  • If you can find the Request a Quote panel? you can choose Support / Tickets from top navigation bar, after page loads, click open ticket form the support menu on the right side of your screen
  • choose Linxtter Customization department
  • fillup the form and attached your customization brief
  • When your ready, submit your ticket

You will receive our quotation within 2-4 working days from date of issuing the ticket, You can review our offer and reply the ticket to start a discussion with our sales team.

Approving Quotation

  • Login to your account
  • Choose Billing / My Quotes to load quotation list
  • Click quotation name
  • Click accept quotation button

After approving the quote, Our team will contact you to arrange for your first kick-off meeting with your dedicated developer thought Webcam or FREE Phone call.

Project duration

Normally we need to 2-3 weeks to deliver any modules, but in some cases we might require additional time depending on the nature of your module.

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